Design Consultancy

I can jump in as a designer, conceive new ideas that respond to understood problems, create prototypes for learning, iterate and develop designs.

How I can help

Design for me is a process, and sketching and wireframing forms part of this.  I like to develop a solid understanding through, research, testing, folding that learning into design iterations.


I can run user testing sessions, write test scripts, facilitate and produce reports.  I can follow up user testing sessions with a simple high level report, recommendations and next steps which can be good to pass onto stakeholders.

I can also run an interactive 1-2hr session with stakeholders, highlighting the key findings, if you want the learnings quicker.

I’m familiar with most data analysis tools and can usually spot insights and learnings

UX Design

I’ve developed my own design process that is flexible for different delivery streams and environments.

Initially it’s important for me to map out the user flows of a journey.  Visualising where the perceived pain and happy points are.  This can become a moving dashboard to track progress as we release and develop design.

I will help create personas that outline typical user behavours, goals, needs, influences etc.  This is based on data, your own insights and interviews.  I have a preferred format I developed to frame a persona in a way that is useful and can be directly applied and validated against during the design process.


Empathy Map

Empathy map highlighting customer goals

I can run ideation workshop sessions with the whole team, to crack tricky problems, or articulate an overall vision and design direction.

I can prototype in a variety of tools, to communicate my ideas, and test them on users.  I prefer to start with basic low-fi prototypes that communicate the intention, and slowly iterating up to full clickable high-fidelity prototypes.

I’m very keen on collaborative design with the whole team , and I like to visualise the experience with design canvas and feedback walls.

Case Studies

A summary of my impact, influence and role over 5 years at John Lewis.

Culture change, LEAN frameworks, hackathons, UX Management

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Designing a new checkout for Burberry with design agency Clearleft.

LEAN frameworks, User research, design, UX.

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A summary of my impact, influence and role over 5 years at John Lewis.

Culture change, LEAN frameworks, hackathons, UX Management

Read the case study

What Next

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Design Leadership

I can help give guidance, focus on strategy or provide management cover, workshops, training and upskilling for in-house design teams.

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Speaking services


I have spoken at numerous events, from local meetups, to big digital design conferences and can tailor my content for lots of audiences.

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What people say about me

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great people, from fantastic brands who have recommended my work.

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