Hello. I’m Danny.

I help solve problems, through empathy and insight-driven design. I can help you focus on qualitative research, design and strategy to improve your customers experience.

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Brands I’ve worked with

Beauty Pie

How I can help

If you would like to introduce vision, direction and focus to your brands customer experience I can help.

Design Leadership Services

Design Leadership

I can help give guidance, focus on strategy or provide management cover, workshops, training and upskilling for in-house design teams.

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Design Consultancy Services

Design Consultancy

I can jump in as a designer, conceive new ideas that respond to understood problems, create prototypes for learning, and iterate and develop designs.

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Speaking Services


I have spoken at numerous events, from local meetups, to big digital design conferences and can tailor my content for lots of audiences.

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What people say about me

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a real broad range of inspirational founders, managers and designers who have said some really kind words..
  • Danny is by far the best consultant in his category that I have ever worked with. Truly great digital experts, for me, have been hard to come by. Danny is different. He is principled, rolls up his sleeves, has a plan, sticks to it, is flexible, but knows his science, and OWNS the deliverable as if he’s a part of your business. I would have him back in a heartbeat.

    Marcia Kilgore – Founder of Bliss SpaSoap & GloryFitflop, Soaper Duper and Beauty Pie

  • Danny was instrumental in helping to push the product development process forward. It was impressive to see how he was able to introduce and embed a range of innovative tools and methodologies. I would highly recommend him for guidance, coaching and leadership with product design teams.
    Duncan Turner – Product Manager, Buy at John Lewis

  • I never thought someone who is used to working in a corporate environment would be able to engage 40 teenage girls for 2 days in a fun and interactive way, teaching them ideation, UX, prototyping tools and programming using Scrum and Agile. Teenagers are a very special beast and working with them is not for the faint-hearted – our hackathon (#AcornHackWOW) would not have been the success that it was without Danny.
    Elena Sinel – Founder & CEO of Acorn Aspirations

  • As a voluntary sector organisation, Volunteer Frome really struggles to afford quality help to improve our service. Danny was exactly what we needed. He ably guided us through the process of looking at things from a volunteer’s perspective and has set us on the path to making the right changes. Thanks Danny!
    Helen Fieldman – Coordinator for Volunteer Frome

  • Danny brought fantastic and such valuable insight to the Fitflop Digital replatform. His approach to understanding the required customer experience and interpreting it through our digital platform has been first class – however through his engaging presentation he brought his understanding and approach to understanding customer experience to life in a way that engaged everyone in the team at Fitflop. I really hope at some point I will work with and see Danny at work again !
    Simon Wright – CEO at Fitflop

  • Danny was an integral member of our UX team. He provided a terrific understanding and empathy towards the retail experience we were designing. Danny introduced innovative ways of working, demonstrated solid and imaginative design thinking and built a good rapport with our clients. Danny is highly experienced, diligent, dedicated and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.
    Richard Rutter – Co-Founder and Managing Director at Clearleft

Case studies

Creating real change
This is the story of how, over the course of 5 years, I used creativity, patience, and pure persistence to create real impact, influence and change at Britains best loved retailer.

#IntroducingLEAN, #culturalChange #hackathons #UXManagement 

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Digital Transformation
I was asked to join the Fitflop team to advise, consult and lead the redesign for Fitflop’s re-platforming and digital transformation project.

#UXResearch #UXDesign #DesignThinking

Read the case study

Expert Design
Collaborating with Clearleft we worked to redesign the Burberry.com checkout experience.

#UXResearch #UXDesign

Read the case study

Helping to explain the proposition
This is the story of how I helped beautypie.com explain their disrupting beauty business model to new customers resulting in an uplift of 44% for new membership conversion

#UXResearch #UXDesign

Read the case study

Want to see more?  I have more case studies available on request

Why work with me?

I’ve worked in a variety of challenging environments and sectors each time proving my adaptability to creating a workable approach.

My Experience

I’ve had over 15 years experience from developer, UX design, UX management and strategy roles.

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My Reputation

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great people, from fantastic brands who have recommended my work.

My Authenticity

I consider myself to be down to earth and enjoy working with a range of personalities and backgrounds.

My Values

This is how I like to work, if you feel there could be a good match please get in touch.

  • Be curious

    I’m a naturally inquisitive person, and the way my mind works, is to ask lots of questions. I love to challenge and work in environments where this is encouraged.

  • Design through empathy

    The best designs emerge from a real connection and empathetic understanding of customer needs. I always design through research, testing and learning as I develop my ideas.

  • Being authentic and honest

    I believe in creating a real relationship with my clients based on honesty and not shying away from any topics. I feel we should be able to discuss any topic, if it helps deepen understanding and makes sure everyone is clear and aligned.

  • Work life balance

    I’m at my best after a good night’s sleep. I believe that creating solid boundaries around work, for down time and relaxation is essential to producing great work.

  • Move lightly and quickly

    Sticking to plan no matter what can get you seriously stuck in a rut. I value adaptability, and the flexibility to pivot in any direction that best suits an emerging need of the project.

  • Be proud

    I like to make and design things I can feel really good about. There’s always a compromise but I want to ensure it’s done with an understanding of how it impacts the experience.

Get in touch

If you think we can work together please get in touch.