Embedding LEAN and customer centricity into any organisation

During the past few months, I’ve been on a journey into what I think can be called design thinking.  After several years of digital development in different organisations, different teams but still feeling like I was seeing the same delivery development issues;

“We’re out of time”
“Thats out of scope”
“We are where we are”
“I do care about UX but..”

I wanted to look at how I could impact the overall culture and process of development into any organisation, to ensure that customer centricity was baked into it. I found that alot of prominent speakers and books often failed to show you real practical applications of LEAN and customer centric techniques.  Lots of principals are discussed like move fast break things..but in terms of creating real change, I needed to develop a framework that could be applied and baked into my workplace (JohnLewis).  There are a few exceptions to that rule listed below that i’ve borrowed from and refactored. However they still required some imagination, creativity and strong influencing skills to sell in to stakeholders and teams.  I collated a collection of ideas, from some of the places listed below, and told a story.

These tools I talk about are ones I’ve had experience in applying in John Lewis with really great results ( I will blog more about this soon).

In this video taken from my talk at dibiconference 2016, I share with you my thinking and ideas on how to throw all this together to develop a workable methodology.  What i’m interested in, is examining and creating practical tools, that teams can use in development right away.