Design Leadership

I can help give guidance, focus on strategy or provide management cover, workshops, training and upskilling for in-house design teams.

Skill sharing market place workshop with online department of John Lewis.


Try me out on a customer problem and if you like the results we can explore further areas of collaboration.  Helping you work autonomously is key, I want to guide, and help enable your teams to work their own way out of the problems.  This is the most powerful way to create real change.

Have a problem and don’t know where to start?
Making the right choice on key decisions or just having someone to bounce ideas off can be really helpful in giving you the confidence and validation your on the right course.

Create a Customer centric strategy that drives your roadmap
Working with you to help prioritise what customer experiences and product development to focus on next. I also have a bag of tools to ensure the strategy means something real and measurable to design teams.

Be self sufficient and move away from agencies
I can help develop your practice, train your teams, evangelize your business and put the customer into the heart of everything you do.

SOS service
Got a product or service that needs rescuing?  Are your sales, targets in free-fall?  I can jump in and help you prioritise what to focus on and create a plan.


I’ve got a great track record of spotting talent and identifying areas for individuals to focus on. I’ll help teams realise what makes them great, and create a development plan with them.

  • Creating a more robust design methodology by inspiring teams, giving them confidence and guiding them through the design process.
  • Tools and techniques from ideation exercises, stakeholder workshops and templates teams can use to solve a variety of different design problems.
  • Help raise the profile of the UX & design teams, in the organisation giving them a voice and demonstrating their value.
  • Improve collaboration and communication across design teams as they develop their product.
  • Running hackathons and workshops to help shift mindsets, influence the culture and show what can be accomplished by working in a different way.

Get your team working together

I can be quite creative and flexible in the types of events and workshopping. Below are a few examples of interactive, fun and educational events I’ve run with other clients.

Management Cover

I’ve got over 5 years solid experience managing UX and design teams from John Lewis to digital agencies. I have a friendly and down to earth manner, taking time to build trust with my team. I’m really passionate about helping people feel empowered and develop their own autonomy and confidence.

I can provide cover for maternity or stop gap during transition periods.

Try me out

Once you make contact, we can set up an initial call and see if there is a good fit. I like to listen and understand what you’re trying to achieve and determine a good approach. I’ll then come back to you with a proposal.

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Design Consultancy Services

Design Consultancy

I can jump in as a designer, conceive new ideas that respond to understood problems, create prototypes for learning, iterate and develop designs.

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Speaking Services


I have spoken at numerous events, from local meetups, to big digital design conferences and can tailor my content for lots of audiences.

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What people say about me

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great people, from fantastic brands who have recommended my work.

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